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    Emergency 24/7 Glass Repairs in North Queensland

    At North Queensland Glass & Glazing we know not every repair job can wait, some repairs are urgent and need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Few issues can be as frustrating and potentially harmful to your home or business as a broken window or glass fixture.

    As a locally owned family business, we understand and empathise with you when those things happen. We offer 24/7 emergency glass repair services to our residential and commercial clients throughout the North Queensland area. Regardless of the time or day, you can call our emergency number and know that someone will answer.

    In most cases, we can get to you within the hour. If you live a little further away or we are already on another job, we will advise you of the time frame and will be there as soon as possible.

    • Emergency door glass repair
    • Emergency window glass repair
    • Emergency decorative glass repair
    • Security glass repair
    • Window tinting and film repair
    • Interior glass repair
    • Shower screen repair
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    Emergency Number (07) 4946 1665
    24 hour emergency replacement, 7 days a week

    Peace of Mind

    Accidents don’t always happen at the most opportune time. Regardless of how the damage happened we will be there to help you out. Whether it’s a broken window or a smashed mirror, when you’re the home or business owner, you need the issue fixed in as short a time as possible. Broken glass is both dangerous to other people in the building and a security risk when it’s a window or door.

    When you request our emergency repair services, a glass specialist from North Queensland Glass & Glazing will be at your location soon enough. We pride ourselves on our fast response times and efficient repairs. If you describe the issue in detail we will bring the tools, accessories and replacement parts to conduct a full repair on the spot.

    Short Term Fixes

    There are instances where damage to a glass door, window or other fixture can present an opportunity to upgrade, to invest in a newer product. For this reason some of our residential and commercial clients ask that we carry out short term fixes for the issue that will last until they replace the fitting with an updated model. This involves cleaning up the shattered glass and doing a quick fix that ensures you don’t lose functionality or protection in the interim.

    Talk to us about the options for a higher quality replacement that would improve curb appeal, functionality and energy efficiency. We can come back in a day or two, install the new product and have your space looking fresh and on trend.
    Window With Broken Glass
    Glazier Replacing Window Glass

    High Quality Glass Repairs And Replacements

    The North Queensland Glass & Glazing team will arrive on-site equipped to deliver a professional repair or high-quality replacement, leaving your property safe, secure and looking its best. As experienced glaziers, we are able to repair and replace a range of doors, windows and glass fixtures in residential, commercial and industrial properties. Whether you have a smashed sliding door, a shattered awning window or a cracked shop front, our rapid response team are only a phone call away.

    Contact North Queensland's Emergency Glass Repair Team

    No matter the time of day or night, our North Queensland glass repair team are waiting to help you. Simply get in touch with North Queensland Glass & Glazing to discuss your requirements with a professional glazier and receive a free, no-obligation quote. Don’t compromise the security of your home or business, call us today.


    Yes! At North Queensland Glass & Glazing, we can repair and replace double-glazed windows and fixtures using the latest industry techniques and premium materials. If your double glazing has smashed, we will measure, manufacture and fit a bespoke replacement. We can also carry out repairs on double-glazing prone to misting, condensation, cracks or draughts.

    Whether your cracked window requires repair or replacement depends on the crack’s size, depth and location. Clean, single cracks can often be repaired by a professional, whilst multiple, fractured fissures typically lead to a replacement. Whilst repairs are often the cheapest option, the window is likely to crack again in the future and it may be more cost-efficient to opt for a complete glass replacement.

    A crack in your window not only compromises the security of your home but also increases energy bills, amplifies noise from outside and poses a hazard too. Cracks allow hot air to escape from your property and can be a source of draughts, reducing the energy efficiency of your windows and resulting in a spike in your heating bills. They also weaken the structural integrity of the window, increasing the chances of the glass shattering and causing an injury or security issue. It is important to call a professional glazier as soon as you notice any cracks appear in your glass fixtures.

    The cost of your emergency glass replacement depends on the size and style of glass you require. Consider whether you require single or double glazing, frosted glass, specialist frames or fixtures, or Thermaframe. At North Queensland Glass & Glazing, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote for our emergency glass replacement services.